Best Anti-Aging Skincare for All Skin Types in 2023

Preventative skincare is just as important as treating existing skin issues. No matter what age you are, your complexion will benefit from an anti-aging skincare routine. You can defy gravity and aging by adding a few new elements into your anti-aging skincare routine.

Best Anti-Aging Skincare

Thousands of products on the market today claim to reverse aging. It can be challenging to figure out what products are truly effective without breaking the bank. We have broken down anti-aging skincare into simple categories. You can add these to your current routine to revitalize your skin.


Face sunscreen is one of the most effective tools in an anti-aging skincare routine. Over time, sun damage becomes visible on your skin. The best way to address sun damage in your skincare routine is to prevent it.

Your facial sunscreen should be SPF 30 or higher. This is the effective minimum SPF to prevent sun damage and dark spots. The sun can age your skin, so do not skip out on your daily SPF.

You can opt for face SPF that acts as a tinted moisturizer. This gives you two benefits in one product: sun protection and color correction. The Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral tinted moisturizer is a great product that gives you blemish coverage, hydration, and sun protection all in one.


High-quality moisturizers are priceless when it comes to anti-aging skincare. Dryness can lead to many visible signs of aging, like wrinkles, textured skin, and eye bags. Smoking also contributes to skin dryness and aging. It is important to keep your skin hydrated to minimize fine lines.

The American Academy of Dermatology labeled moisturizer as “the secret ingredient in many anti-aging products.” Invest in a quality moisturizer to combat aging, and the results will pay off in the future.

Targeted Products

We all want a miracle cream that makes our skin look ten years younger overnight. Unfortunately, it is not possible. Focus on your main anti-aging skincare concerns and buy targeted products that address them. For example, if you notice a lot of wrinkles, a product designed to minimize wrinkles should be the main focus of your skincare routine.

Many products that we sell at Facial Artistry Aesthetics are great for targeting specific skin issues. Alastin Skincare’s Daily Anti-Aging line contains many products that combat different signs of aging. We have their line available in our office to give to clients who need specific anti-aging benefits in their skincare products.

Best Skincare for Dry Skin

Aging can cause dry skin for many people. Dryness leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and discomfort. Excessive dryness can lead to skin flaking and itching, which is both unsightly and uncomfortable. Dry skin is often associated with sensitivity. The best skincare for sensitive skin is often embedded in products for dry skin.

We have highlighted the most crucial anti-aging skincare products that fight against dryness. These products make up the best skincare for sensitive skin as you defy visible signs of aging.

Anti-Aging Moisturizers

It may seem obvious, but the biggest weapon for fighting dry skin is moisturizer. If you suffer from dry skin, you will benefit from using a high-strength anti-aging moisturizing cream. Anti-aging moisturizers, in particular, create a great skin protection barrier while hydrating your skin.

Revision Skincare’s Moisturize and Protect collection is perfect for soaking up extra hydration. Their luxurious moisturizers combat dry skin, visible aging, and environmental toxins. They offer targeted products in this collection, including nighttime retinol cream, making the skin look supple. If you have dry skin and want to look youthful, Revision Skincare’s moisturizing products do the job well.

Gentle Cleansers

If you have dry skin, some facial cleansers will irritate and dehydrate your face. It is essential to choose a gentle cleansing agent that deep cleans without drying your skin. Harsh cleansers can break down the skin’s protective barrier, allowing moisture to seep out. This makes your skin age faster.

Alastin Skincare has a Gentle Cleanser that works wonders for people with dry skin. Their cleanser does not cause acne, is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and is hypoallergenic. It is the perfect mixture of cleansing qualities that people with dry skin need in their anti-aging skincare routine.


Someone with dry skin would benefit from using serums with anti-aging properties. There are numerous anti-aging serums on the market. Serums are great for correcting and redefining your skin’s visible aging marks.

Most serums are not overly drying to your skin when used correctly. You should always read the instructions on the bottle to avoid overusing serums. Revision Skincare has an abundance of anti-aging serums with specific benefits for your skin needs.

Best Skincare for Oily Skin

Addressing aging concerns looks a bit different for people with oily skin. The best skincare for oily skin penetrates deep into the layers to remove dirt and debris. Over time, oily skin can lead to dull, acne-filled skin, which will age your appearance.

Anti-aging does not have to leave you looking greasy, and high-quality products can address aging and excess oil. We will review the basics of anti-aging and oil-control skincare with you.

Oil Control Cleanser

If your skin is very oily, chances are you have a hard time finding balanced skincare products. Intense cleansers may remove the oil from your skin now, but over time, stripping your skin of natural oils will make it produce more. It is best to find a balance of exfoliation and moisturization in your cleanser.

Revision Skincare’s Purifying Cleansing Gel is an oil-control cleanser. It removes deep impurities from your skin while treating the root cause of excess oil. The salicylic acid in this cleanser helps remove the buildup that leads to acne. This product is a must-have for anyone with aging, oily skin.

Light Moisturizer

If you suffer from excess oil on your face, you should use a lightweight moisturizer. Although many people mistakenly believe you should not moisturize oily skin, this is incorrect. Moisturizer will help fight wrinkles and saggy, lackluster skin. The right oil control moisturizer won’t make you look greasy.

The Hydrating Serum from Revision Skincare will not disappoint you. When it comes to grease-free moisturization, they have it down. This serum will add hydration to your skin to minimize signs of aging. However, there are no heavy oils that will clog your pores. This moisturizer is perfect for anyone with extra oil on their face.

Facial Artistry & Aesthetics Skincare Appointment

At Facial Artistry & Aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing you with quality skincare and addressing a wide variety of skin concerns to give you glowing, youthful skin. We hope you stop in and see us soon! If you have anti-aging skincare questions, we are here to help. Our practice will help create a specialized skincare routine custom fit for your needs. Contact us today to set up a free appointment.

We have a special offer for our clients to show appreciation for trusting us with their skincare needs. Alastin Skincare is an excellent skincare brand that specializes in luxury products at an affordable price. Their products are science-based, using the latest research to curate perfect formulations.

You can get free shipping from Alastin Skincare with the code “FacialArtistry.” You will love the results from your new anti-aging skincare routine from Alastin!



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